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Suqian Weining Network Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the innovation and integration of online marketing technology, products and services, is China's leading integrated online marketing service provider, aiming to build a leading digital ecological network-wide marketing service platform.

Adhering to the concept of "integrating digital resources and technology-driven marketing", Weining especially emphasizes the importance of technical marketing. In order to improve the company's research and development capabilities, it has introduced many excellent R & D and marketing from well-known IT companies such as Baidu, Microsoft, and Chinese enterprises. Talents, in order to strengthen the technology source of Weining, reached a series of strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Suwei Software Technology Co., Ltd., jointly developed the "V marketing platform", and cooperated with Beijing Jingshi Wanwei Software to "open the eyes of the treasure SEM personalized platform" "Become a model of integration of production and research in Suqian.

Weining is well versed in the two major trends of Internet marketing in the future, one is technical marketing and the other is content marketing. Therefore, Weining proposes a new positioning of "China's leading digital ecological service platform".

Weining advocates: In the era of big data and fragmentation, we must not only do a good job of data collection, data analysis, data mining, data insight, from the possession of data to pre-judgment requirements, and provide a strong basis for online marketing and brand marketing. It is necessary to pay attention to the creation of Internet content, and organize the planning team, creative team, copywriting team, and execution team to provide customers with overall online marketing solutions with the cooperation of technical teams.


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